1) Keep patient at bed rest for the next 24-48 hours after surgery and apply an ice pack several times during the day, but for not longer than 20 minutes at a time. This will minimize swelling and pain.

2) Keep incision dry for at least 48 hours, then showers or quick baths only (no soaking) for 5-7 days to keep stitches from dissolving too quickly.

3) A very minimal light coating of K-Y jelly may be applied to head of penis, if needed, to keep it from sticking to underwear. No creams, ointments, etc. should be placed directly on the incision itself.

4) The Vaseline gauze may need to be wet first before it is removed.

5) Minimal physical activity can be started after 48 hours, however, vigorous activity should be refrained until seen in the office.

6) Take any prescribed medications as directed.

7) Expect some swelling and discoloration of the head of the penis and incision site.

8) Notify physician if swelling or bright, red bleeding increases after 48 hours.

9) Please contact the office to schedule a follow-up appointment.